SVDL-0164 ‘She’s Got Lottery Winning Scissors!’ featuring Justice

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He has the ‘gift of numbers’ and I have the gift of SCISSORS!

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When Al thinks he has finally hit it big…he can’t help but brag to a sexy, gorgeous gal by the name of Justice about his new “gift”.

He explains to her how after suffering a serious head injury from a car accident…he has been experiencing some odd mental and psychological phenomena where numbers randomly enter his mind from nowhere.

He tells her that he finally decided to put those numbers to good use and play them on the next lottery.

Well, much to his amazement and shock….he won several thousands of dollars the first time this happened!

So, everytime a new set of numbers enter his mind…he knows that it is a sign from the ‘Gods of Luck’ and plays them on the next lottery, walking away with thousands of more in hard-luck cash everytime.

Well, unbeknownst to Al….Justice is well aware of this gift he has after extracting, under extreme pressure, the information from Al’s former girl friend.

And Justice is determined to extract some winning numbers out of Al or else he’s gonna feel more strange mental phenomena of the scissoring, skull crushing kind!

Justice goes to work, wrapping her gorgeous, powerful thighs around Al’s head and commanding him to start spitting out some winning numbers or else!

Well…poor Al is under the extreme pressure of Justice’s thighs and can’t seem to come up with any numbers but this doesn’t deter Justice.

She continues to put him in every neck wrenching, skull splitting, chest crushing scissor hold imaginable and before you know it….Al starts to get visions of winning lottery numbers and slowly spits them out as Justice writes them down one at a time.

Finally….Justice has her winning numbers but there is one more number she needs….the powerball number and with another furious blast from her mind blowing head scissors…she forces the last number outta’ him and is now on her way to winning thousands, maybe millions, of dollars thanks to her lottery winning scissors!

So, the next time you think luck is finally on your side…you better watch your back, or should we say neck, because sexy Justice will be ready to take it away from you using her persuasive, powerful thighs!

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