SVDL-0160 ‘No Parking, Just Scissors!’ featuring Rebecca

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After a long night partying, I parked in the only available spot.  Then this asshole neighbor of mine knocked on my door to complain it’s his spot. Now I’m parking my THIGHS around his neck!

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Becky has just gotten in from a late clubbing night looking oh-so hot in red mini and black sheer top, when she hears a knock on her door.

Her older, obnoxious neighbor storms in pissed she parked in his spot, demanding she move her car.

She laughs, leaps into his arms and then whips her educated, muscular thighs up and around him for a snappy-fast flying scissors!

From here on in, Becky’s powerful pipes dominate and control the wimpy man, squeezing his skull until his veins pop out on his forehead, and her thighs nearly shear his head off his shoulders via her punishing neckscissors!

The nimble little minx that Becky is never looked more powerful, her thighs full and solid, her calves lean, sinewy and potent!

She’s especially fond of folding her lower legs up as she scissors him to push her meaty, muscular calves into his face, smothering him!

She does walkover handstands to brutal scissors and even ends things with a flip onto his chest worked into a bruising front facescissors!

She destroys him and forces him to leave his spot to her!

Becky parks where she wants and SCISSORS who she wants to!

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