SVDL-0159 ‘Who’s The Boss?!’ featuring Lindsay

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He showed up for an interview asking me where’s the boss.  Well I’m THE BOSS you little asshole and my THIGHS are going to show you why!

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In “Who’s The Boss!?”, Lindsay plays the role of a dominant lady boss who knows how to take charge and put chauvinistic men in their place, specifically, between her powerful thighs!

When Drew shows up for a job interview and confronts Lindsay, he immediately asks Lindsay to notify the boss that he’s arrived for the job interview, assuming that Lindsay is nothing more then the office secretary.

Well, Lindsay sets the record straight and tells the arrogant little punk that she’s the boss and she’s the one that will be interviewing him.

Needless to say, Drew isn’t too thrilled with the prospect of a female reigning over him and tells Lindsay that he has a hard time believing that she could be the boss and suggest that any company that would put a woman in charge is not the kind of company he would want to work for.

Drew attempts to leave but before he can take more then 2 steps, Lindsay demonstrates for him just how it is that she became the boss in the first place.

She whips Drew to the bed and wraps him up in her powerful thighs, taunting and mocking him as he struggles to get free.

Eventually, Lindsay decides that she needs to get a bit more comfortable and lets her hair down and then continues to put the squeeze on Drew from every possible scissored angle.

After 30 minutes of Lindsay administering her brutal scissor lesson on how to handle insubordinate prospective employees, she asks Drew one last time, “So, who’s the boss?” to which Drew compliantly replies, “You’re the boss!”.

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