SVDL-0300 ‘A&B With A Scissor Weapon! featuring Tara ‘The Hardcore Schoolgirl’

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This detective tried to take me in so I took him in between my powerful thighs!

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Tara’s a terror, and having just squeezed a man into the hospital with her legs, has the law looking for her. But when the detective attempts to frisk the leggy lovely before taking her downtown, she takes him in her powerful, muscular legs in a reverse bodyscissors that’s just the first of many gut-busting, head-cracking and neck-jerking scissors!

Tara, in her little schoolgirl outfit, just destroys the guy in some of the most savage scissors you’ll ever see, nearly knocking him out cold on many occasions including reverse facescissors that really, really, REALLY make his face look like it’s about to explode, her muscular ass inches from it, her thighs strapped like steely ribbons around his neck and head! She kicks him out in the end and gets away with A&B with a SCISSOR Weapon!?

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