SVDL-0142 ‘Squeezing Him In!’ featuring Justice

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He wanted me to SQUEEZE him in for a haircut after closing time.  Ok…I’ll give him exactly what he wants!

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Jake pops into Justice’s hair salon for a last-minute haircut, but she’s closing.

He gets rude, demands that she squeeze him in for a cut.

Justice, looking ravishing in black mini and revealing halter, finally relents, saying “You want me to squeeze you in, Oh, I’ll SQUEEZE you in!” and tosses him to the salon’s floor and descends on top of him for the first of an endless series of mind-blowing and head-popping scissors with her tanned, meaty and oh-so powerful thighs!

She is dominance personified and a trash talker of the thighest order, gobbling him up in scissor after scissor and maligning his baby face as it’s squished in her mighty thighs, calling him “Poppa Smurf.”

Hauling his little ass over to the washing sink, she wets his head down and tosses him to the floor again to continue the skull-cracking scissor treatment.

Justice is easily one of the most beautiful girls you will see in scissor videos, and her face reflects her passion for her work, her snarls and sneers as sexy as her squeezing!

You want a last-minute haircut at Justice’s salon?

She’ll be happy to squeeze you in!

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