SVDL-0139 ‘The Kegel Krush!’ featuring Rebecca

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He tried to pull the pillow from my thighs as I was practicing my kegels.  Wrong move…now I’ll be practicing them on his neck!

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Rebecca loves doing her Kegels, that exercise women do to strengthen their pelvic muscles and that special area, with her boyfriend’s pillow, squeeeeeeeeeeeezing it to enhance her power.

Jake wants the pillow to sleep, however, tries to snag it from her luscious legs and all scissoring hell breaks out as she decides to do her Kegels on his head, neck and body!

Rebecca never looked lovelier, her muscular thighs and sinewy calves devouring her victim in every scissor imaginable.

A former gymnast, Rebecca still has got the gymnastic goods, bending, twisting and flipping this way and that with her lithe body and lean legs, all in scissoring search of her man!

She uses a snapping, quivering butt scissors you gotta see to believe, and her verbal dominance is superb, she telling him, as she crushes him blue, that she’s working her sexual muscles to turn loose on the hot young pool boy!

Kegels can be a woman’s best friend, especially when a gal like Rebecca is doing the Kegel Krush!

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