SVDL-0135 ‘SCSR GRL!’ featuring Justice

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I own a hair salon and I’m good with scissors but this rude asshole is about to find out what SCSR GRL on my license plate really means!

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Justice runs a hair salon, knows her way around scissors, even has a license plate – SCSR GRL – bragging about her haircutting prowess – and beyond.

A rude guy comes in wanting to buy the plate for his wife’s hairdressing business, but Justice isn’t selling.

She IS scissoring however, when he insists she sell and she tell him “Lemme show you the REAL reason they call me Scissor Girl!” as she slowly takes off her scissor-laden tool belt!!

And does she ever, absolutely engulfing his protesting head in her meaty thighs over and over, destroying his pride and forcing him to keep upping his price for the plate!

But she’s not selling, just scissoring, and Scissor Girl goes crazy, beating his ass all over her salon, on the floor, on the sink counter, over in a pedicure chair, in a styling seat where she tosses her big, powerful thighs over his shoulders for a stunning reverse, and finally on the leather couch in the waiting area where she positively destroys him in a neck-wrenching, calf-throbbing figure four!

Justice’s face is model-quality GORGEOUS and the expressions she makes while wreaking havoc in her man-eating thighs are positively exquisite to watch! Don’t mess with Scissor Girl’s scissors, or Justice WILL be served!

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