SVDL-0132 ‘Worship My Scissors!’ featuring Afrika

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This wimp tried to get out of the scissor session he agreed on.  Not today little man…it’s time to worship my SCISSORS!

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When Drew shows up for his session with Afrika, he attempts to change the agreed upon rules.

He try’s to explain to her that he has a knee injury and now prefers to have a muscle worship session instead of the scissors session he originally asked for.

Well, Afrika then explains to Drew that she skipped her scheduled morning leg workout in the gym to save all her skull crushing scissor energy for him and the scissor session and is not about to settle for a lame muscle worship session.

Before Drew has a chance to plead his case any further, Afrika tosses his sorry ass on the bed and then proceeds to show Drew a knew variation of muscle worship called scissor worship as she forces him to gently rub her incredibly muscular and powerful 27″ thighs while they begin their leggy destruction, devouring Drew’s head and nearly cracking his skull.

One mind blowing scissors after the other is administered to the poor schmuck as he continuously pleads for her to stop and wonders out loud if the 30 minute session from hell is almost over.

But Afrika explains to Drew that there will not be a time limit on this session and she will decide when it’s over after she has satisfied her hunger to crush the living life out of him between her pythons.

After what must have seemed to be an eternity for poor Drew, Afrika administers one final scissors in bone crushing fashion before releasing him and pointing him to the door.

As Drew stands in the door way to her hotel room, on his way out, she flexes her thighs and says “Hey, remember these thighs?…that was you muscle worship!”

So, the next time you agree to set up a session with the likes of Afrika, you better make sure you stick to the original plan or she’ll decide to show you her own version of muscle worship…with her legs!

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