SVDL-0122 ‘First Class Scissors!’ featuring Kristiana

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He was too cheap to fly me in by first class so now he get’s to experience my FIRST CLASS SCISSORS!

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Drew is happy to see Kristiana at, but Kristiana is NOT happy with Drew: The cheap bastard flew her out for a scissoring audition but not first class as she’d asked.

Showing up in a tiny skirt, dark glasses and humungous shoes that make her tower over the diminutive Drew, she informs him the ride back WILL be first class, courtesy of her first-class SCISSORS!

She takes him to the mat and scissors him six ways to Sunday, those long, strong and inescapable legs wrapping him up like an in-flight blanket, squeezing the air from his lungs and the speech from his whiny little mouth!

She is an animal as she unleashes a scissor fury all over his sorry ass, twisting him into various shapes as she squeezes him into submission over and over!

At the end, thanks to a relentless barrage of mind-blowing scissors, he agrees to fly her back to LA in the manner to which the classy lady is accustomed!

Never, ever mess with Kristiana’s FIRST CLASS SCISSORS!

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