SVDL-0112 ‘How Do You Like My Scissors?!’ featuring Sydney Morgan

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So he likes to get scissored by other women huh?  Lets see how he likes my SCISSORS!

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Drew is late for work and dashes off, leaving his laptop behind.

Girlfriend Sydney, starring in ‘How Do You Like MY Scissors’, checks out what he’s been looking at and finds a huge collection of photos of him being scissored, by other girls!

He comes back for his forgotten laptop and she furiously jumps him, demanding to know what this shit is all about, all the while pulverizing him in her lean, sinewy legs!

Sydney is a powerhouse of a ScissorVixen, getting totally into dominating him with her killer thighs and sexy calves, bending his jaw to the breaking point in some of the tightest headscissors you’ll ever see!

This hot young lady is insane as she tortures him in a constant barrage of frightening holds, screaming at him, ‘How do you like MY scissors’, and not waiting for the answer as she continues to lay down a paralyzing parade of cranium-crushing squeezes!

How do YOU like Sydney’s scissors?

We’re guessing you’ll love ’em!

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