SVDL-0992 ‘Kaylee’s SAVAGE SCISSORS!’ featuring Kaylee Rose

In High Definition

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When we met Kaylee at a fetish party and told her what we do, she couldn’t wait to demonstrate what her SAVAGE SCISSORS could do and that she did!

Video Length : 19 mins. | Video Size : 1280×720 | File Size: 397 MB

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Video Description

The first thing I noticed about Kaylee Rose when walking by her during a fetish party was of course…HER LEGS!

She was wearing a one-piece outfit that really showed off her fantastic physique and there was no question this girl was no stranger to the gym.

So as the owner of I did what I had to do and said…”Wow…you’ve got great legs!  Have you ever done any fetish shoots before…?”.

After Kaylee Rose answered “no” I then said…”I would love for you to scissor me right here and now!” never really expecting her to accept my offer but for Kaylee Rose I now know she viewed it as more of a challenge!

Kaylee Rose then proceeded to wrap her solid, muscular thighs around my head and nearly pop it off before forcing me to tap-out!

I had a slight hang-over the next morning no doubt from the alcohol consumed that night but I’m sure Kaylee Rose’s CRUSHING THIGHS had a lot to do with it as well!

Kaylee Rose is a total gym-rat working out 5-6 times a week and working her thighs 3 days per week.  And trust us…it shows. Her thighs are solid as a rock!

And Kaylee Rose is one of the most colorful characters we’ve ever shot with.  She had no problem finding her ‘scissor groove’ and reducing us to what she referred to as…”My little bitches!”.

So with those legs and that attitude we had no other choice but to immediately shoot one of our popular ScissorVixens Savage Scissors videos with Kaylee Rose!

The screams you hear are indeed real and so are the frantic tap-outs…Kaylee Rose is a natural born ScissorVixen for sure!

So guys…if you like GORGEOUS, FIT and VERY STRONG girls who have the attitude to back it all up then you’re going to LOVE Kaylee Rose in her SAVAGE SCISSOR video!

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