SVDL-0451 ‘Foot Massage Crush!’ featuring Raven Alexis

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I just wanted a gentle foot massage but he insisted on rubbing too hard telling me I always like it a little rough.  Ok…I’ll show him how ROUGH I can be!  

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Gorgeous Raven Alexis has had a hard day at work standing on her feet all day so when she comes home her hubby offers to give her a foot massage. But when he starts to rub her feet too hard, telling her she’s always liked it rough, she shows him just how rough she can get! Raven Alexis wraps her gorgeous ballet trained thighs around his neck and squeezes with every ounce of skull crushing power she’s got causing him to scream out for mercy but getting none!

Watch as she seems to be in an almost scissorgasmic trance getting off on strangling her hubby nearly to death between her thighs telling him at one point, “What…you’re going to let a little 115 pound girl kick your ass!?”. He pleads for his life and tells her that she’s going to literally kill him to which she snarls, “No sweetie…I won’t kill you…I’m just going to choke you out but you’ll still be alive so I can do it all over again!”. And over and over again she does until the final knock out squeeze…a murderous reverse headscissors that leaves him lying unconscious on the floor! Anyone else care to give Raven Alexis a foot massage?

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