SVDL-0431 ‘TFS – Time For Scissors!’ featuring Kobe Lee

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This loser photographer tried to get me to shoot for him for free (TFP – Time For Prints) so now I have a better offer…TFS – Time For Scissors !

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 346 MB

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Kobe Lee is a gorgeous model tired of scam-artist photographers who try to get her to pose for free in exchange for prints known in the modeling industry as TFP – Time For Prints. So when Mike, a self-proclaimed ‘greatest photographer ever’, attempts to push the same TFP scam on Kobe Lee…Kobe Lee decides to push her ‘TFS – Time For Scissors’ on him instead!

Watch Kobe Lee destroy her arrogant photographer in an endless barrage of crushing scissor holds and strangling figure-4’s…something she tells him she learned from a legitimate photo/video session with who paid her very well! And Kobe Lee is determined to get paid by this cheap bastard before she leaves one way or the other and unfortunately for Mike the photographer…that means enduring 30 minutes or so of Kobe’s killer thighs!

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