SVDL-0425 ‘Dia’s Savage Scissors!’ featuring Dia Zerva

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When it comes to SAVAGE SCISSORS…few are as SAVAGE as Dia Zerva’s!

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In the “what were we thinking?” category, we decided to do not 15 minutes, but a full 30-minute video of “Dia’s Savage Scissor!” as part of our ongoing savage scissor series. OK, maybe not so smart, because this gorgeous blonde muscular dynamo doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit! Tapping is just something that eggs her on, so watch and wince as Dia’s unbelievably sexy, strong and domineering legs just take apart Kandor and Drew one by one, each man taking his lumps and then some, begging this sexy ScissorVixen for mercy and keeping an eye on the clock hoping their turn would be over soon!

This is 30 minutes of all-out, pure scissor power as Dia’s rock-hard thighs bulge and ripple around the heads she crushes, and her bulbous calves rock the throats of her victims in a brutal succession of savage figure fours! Her reverse headscissors is to die for as that bowling ball ass of hers thumps and thrusts and acts as the power engine for her punishing thighs! This was one of the most savage of savage scissors we’ve ever filmed, thanks to the bone-crushing power of Dia Zerva!

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