SVDL-0413 ‘Data Recovery Specialist!’ featuring Danielle

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Poor Mr. Philips…he had no idea what kind of trouble he’s gotten himself into!  It’s time for me to do the job I love to do in a most PAINFUL way as a ‘Data Recovery Specialist!’.

Video Length : 29 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 352 MB

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Mr. Phillips is an American spy who thinks he just hit the jackpot by stealing top secret data from a European adversary. But what he doesn’t realize is that the enemy is hot on his trail and they’ve decided to send Danielle the ‘Data Recovery Specialist’…a gorgeous 5’9″ Romanian blonde beauty with killer thighs and lust for torturing her victims with them!

After growing frustrated at her failed attempts to figure out the password Mr. Phillips created to protect the stolen data on his computer Danielle decides to awaken the foolish spy and demand he tells her what it is. Instead of giving her what she wants he demands that she get the hell out of his room and threatens to hurt her if she doesn’t stating…”Do you know who you’re messing with!?”. Well…it’s Mr. Phillips who apparently has no idea who he’s messing with as Danielle decides to use her favorite technique at recovering lost data by putting her ballet trained 5’9″ steel thighs to work on Mr. Phillips head, neck and ribs! While working him over in a crushing side reverse headscissors she tells him in her sexy, dominant European voice…”Tell me the password Mr. Phillips or I will snap your little neck like a twig!”. On and on the scissor torture continues until near the end right before she finally breaks him and forces him to give up the password she runs her fingers through his hair and gently strokes his forehead and says…”When you get to hell Mr. Phillips…you’ll be able to brag how you died between a woman’s legs!” Once again…it’s mission accomplished for Danielle the ‘Data Recovery Specialist’!

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