SVDL-0383 ‘Crushing Closer!’ featuring Selena

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When they can’t get criminals to talk, they bring me in…’The Crushing Closer’!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 366 MB

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A low-life murdering thug is a hard nut to crack for the cops – so they call in the drop-dead gorgeous and equally lethal “Crushing Closer” Selena in her oh-so sexy cop gear, hat and heels to put the legs to this perp and make him talk – and SCREAM in agony! You won’t believe the savagery with which this beautiful ebony goddess goes about her scissoring exactitude, laying the leg to him in every possible way imaginable and peppering the bruising onslaught with vicious, dominating dialogue!

“Look at you!” she screams as the poor bastard flops like a fish in her muscular, tight thighs. “You look like an electrocuted cow!” Her ass is world-class, second to none, and in her tiny thong, it shows to exquisite effect in smothering face-embracing figure fours! She loves the thigh bombs, too, nearly shearing his head off of his shoulders, and then putting on a titanic squeeze declaring “I could decapitate you in my powerful thighs!” In the end, it’s the end for this bastard as he gives her the information she wants and she takes him out for good in a savage scissor snap! Selena is judge, jury AND executioner in this most brutal scissor video!

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