SVDL-0354 ‘Bi’s and Thighs!’ featuring Jawbreaker Janet

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Did he really think he was going to be a match for my powerful bi’s and thighs!?  Guess he had to learn the hard way the answer is no!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 352 MB

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After working out for a couple of weeks in the gym….Jawbreaker Janet’s friend thinks he’s ready to take her on and foolishly challenges her to an arm wrestling match.  After slamming his arm down in about three seconds he becomes enraged and tells her that although she’s got him beat in the biceps she’s no match for him in her thighs.

With a smirk she slowly takes off her loose fitting jeans to reveal a pair of muscular, powerful legs and tells him that she’s about to show him that she’s got him beat in the legs as well.  She pulls him back and applies a killer head scissors from behind…nearly shattering his jaw!  She continues to work him over for the next 30 minutes in every scissor hold imaginable and in the end tells him to get his ass back in the gym for a few more weeks before challenging her and her thighs again!

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