SVDL-0244 ‘Scissor Dancer!’ featuring Justice

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He didn’t think I’d impress him with my dance moves.  Ok, how about my SCISSOR moves instead!?

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 318 MB

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Once again, Justice demonstrates why she is easily one of ScissorVixens most genuinely sexy and dominant crushers in this video titled ‘Scissor Dancer’. When the gorgeous red head shows up for the opening audition to a new reality show titled ‘American Dancer’, she is met by a ragged old man who tells her that he’s had a long day, seen a lot of dancers and will be hard to impress. Justice does her best to woo the old man with some very sexy dance moves, wrapping her long, powerful thighs around a thick steel column but he’s not impressed and suggests that she take her act somewhere else. Well…Justice doesn’t care for his characterization of her sexy audition routine and decides to wrap her insanely gorgeous dancer legs around his ‘old geezer’ neck!

Scissoring just doesn’t get any better then this! Watch Justice’s muscular thighs bulge as she applies one skull crushing scissor after the other! Incredible reverse head scissor action as she expertly applies each one…pulling her victim as high as he can go into her thighs until his nose is buried in her rock hard ass, clamping her sexy glutes together and causing him to scream in agony while begging for mercy but getting none! Justice is as sexy and dominant as they come at and in this video…she more than lives up to her reputation!

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