SVDL-0304 ‘Holly’s Scissorgram Service!’ featuring Holly

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He thought he ordered a stripper but what the got was Holly from the Scissorgram Service and she’s not leaving until she’s done!

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Drew gets a little lonely so he decides to call the local Strippergram service and before he knows it Holly is knocking at his door.  At first he’s pleased until she introduces herself as Holly from the Scissorgram service!  Well…Drew doesn’t like the sound of this and insults her by stating that he’s not interested in any ‘door to door’ sales bullshit and she needs to leave.

Of course…Holly came to do a job and she isn’t leaving until it’s done.  Watch as this incredibly sexy, tall dancer wraps her lean, steel pipe thighs around his neck and gives him the squeeeeeze of a lifetime…nearly popping his eyeballs out of their sockets from the insane pressure!  Then she decides to work on his midsection by nearly cutting him in half and busting a few ribs from her anaconda crush.  In the end…Holly has Drew screaming her name…”Holly!…Holly from Holly’s Scissorgram Service!”  So, the next time you get lonely…it might be a good idea to read a book or rent a movie instead of being tempted to call up your local Scissorgram Service!

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