SVDL-0279 ‘Scissored Red, White and Blue!’ featuring Kordelia Devonshire

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This loser likes to burn the American Flag…time to burn his skull between my American THIGHS!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 359 MB

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Drew is setting up a meeting for the ‘Flag Burners of America’ when in storms Amazonian Kordelia, clad in oh-so skimpy and sexy red-white-and-blue attire, from her teeny tiny boyshorts to her star-spangled boots, all ready to straight the dissident’s sorry ass out in “Scissored Red, White and Blue!”

She absolutely destroys him with a head-numbing, rib-cracking series of scissors on his face, neck, ribs, you name it, her meaty, muscular thighs devouring his skull over and over as she screams her disgust at him in a non-stop verbal diatribe to match her physical assault! “Smell that American ass!” she roars, burying his moaning face in her sweet, overwhelming butt and that’s just a small part of Kordelia’s non-stop scissoring onslaught! In the end, she sings the Star Spangled Banner as she crushes him red, white and blue!

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