SVDL-0281 ‘Legs Off My Scissor Bitch, Bitch!’ featuring Lia Labowe vs. Tina

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No one has the right to abuse my scissor bitch except me…time to make this bitch my next scissor bitch!

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One thing you should NEVER mess with is Lia Labowe’s scissor bitch but that is exactly the mistake Tina makes in ‘Legs Off My Scissor Bitch, Bitch!’.  Lia walks in on Tina putting the leggy squeeze to Kandor and becomes infuriated at the site of another woman with her legs around her scissor bitch.

Tina realizes that she’s in a whole lotta’ trouble and frees Kandor from her thighs but that’s too little too late for this sexy Italian scissor goddess.  Lia commands Kandor to leave the room and tells him that she’ll deal with him later but for now…she’s gotta’ teach Tina a lesson…a very painful, brutal scissor lesson!  Now Lia has not one, but two scissor bitches to call her very own!

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