SVDL-0270 ‘Bar Room Bully!’ featuring Tyler Dare

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I like to beat up the boys at the local bar but my boyfriend insists that’s his job.  Time to put my boyfriend in his place…between my thighs!

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 345 MB

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Tyler Dare debuts in a video titled ‘Bar Room Bully’ where she plays a sexy, seductive bar room tease who likes to wear skimpy, thigh revealing attire in order to get the men all riled up so that she can beat them down.  Problem is…every time she decides to crack a few bar room skulls between her thighs…she makes her poor boyfriend, Drew, feel less of a man.

He finally confronts her and tells her that her attire is completely inappropriate for the bar, that she should stop being such a tease and to please…let him take care of the bar room thugs next time they make a move on her.  She dismissively chuckles at the idea that Drew will be able to handle the thugs and challenges him to a friendly wrestling match.  Well…it’s not long before Drew realizes that Tyler has the thighs to take care of all the boys at the bar, including him, as she devours his little head and body between her powerful, muscular pythons in one torturous bone crushing scissor hold after the other!

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