SVDL-0243 ‘A Crushing Confession!’ featuring Jade

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This peeping Tom refused to confess until my powerful thighs made him fess up!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 317 MB

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Never fear the long arm of the law: Jade’s legs of the law are much more painful and persuasive! She enters the room where a peeping Tom is cuffed in a chair and tells him she wants his confession. He tells her to fuck off and those are the words she wants to hear so she can kick his ass with as brutal a scissor attack as you’ll ever see!

While he’s cuffed, she destroys him in bruising headscissors, choking neckscissor and humiliating reverse facescissors before finally letting him go to fight back to no avail!  She’s even more dominant when he’s out of cuffs trying to pull her mighty legs from his scissored skull as she delights in destroying him and telling him in juicy details just how powerful her legs are and how they’ll SCISSOR his confession from him! Her thighs are SO tight you can actually hear his jaws popping a couple of times! Jade is judge, jury and scissorcutioner in this class tale of leggy law enforcement!

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