SVDL-0219 ‘The Scissor Teacher!’ featuring Lia Labowe

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He had no idea what mixed wrestling was all about until my THIGHS showed him!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 323MB

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Kan shows up at Lia Labowe’s studio to do a story on her mixed-wrestling operation for an alternative paper. He’s heard about her scissor prowess and looks dubious, so Lia challenges him to a little playful match. He obliges and is he ever sorry as Lia just destroys the old man in a mind-blowing display of head-cracking, rib-bending and neck-wrenching scissors!

Lia always looks hot and today is hotter still as she twists and turns her lithe, athletic legs this way and that to totally destroy him, even as he genuinely tries to fight back and stay out of those long, man-eating snapping legs of hers! Once he’s locked in, he is a goner, as she ratchets up the pressure until it looks like his head is gonna pop in her lean, muscular thighs! He submits many, many times and she just ignores him, laughing at his feeble attempts to extricate himself from her pounding pipes! She tells him that she is, after all,  ” The Scissor Teacher” of the thighest order, and he could learn from none better than her! Could you take the leggy lesson this ScissorVixen can dish out?

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