SVDL-0215 ‘I Own This Bed!’ featuring Fuchsia

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In this bed…I own any side I want!

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 333MB

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After her ‘significant other’ walks into their bedroom and demands that she move over to her side of the bed so that he can sleep on his side, Fuschia has finally had enough of Drew’s childish behavior and decides to take a stand….a scissored stand that is!  Drew foolishly attempts to physically move Fuschia over to the other side of the bed but with lightning quickness Fuschia throws her legs up and wraps them around Drew’s fat head and begins to teach him a lesson on who really owns the bed and he quickly learns…it’s not him!

After working him over on the bed for what seemed to him to be an eternity, she drags him over to the chair and applies more excruciating scissors from behind, nearly knocking the poor foolish man out cold.  Then it’s to the floor for more head-crushing torture as Drew is now begging for his life but Fuschia won’t stop until she is certain that her anal bed buddy has learned his lesson.  With one final crushing head scissors…she forces him to agree to allow her to sleep anywhere she likes and fearing for his life…Drew wisely agrees!

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