SDVL-1415 ‘Wrong Bed, Right Scissors!’ featuring Alexis Luna

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He took my bed so I decided to toss him on the other one, but not before teaching him a lesson between my thighs!

Video Length : 22 mins. | Video Size : 1920×1080 | File Size: 1.7 GB

Screen Captures From Actual Video Included In Zip File: 118

Video Description

Like most of you, we first saw GORGEOUS UK powerlifting POWERHOUSE, Alexis Luna, first appear on SessionGirls and it didn’t take long before she exploded on the session and video scene as well!

We had the opportunity to work with her earlier this year here in Vegas but unfortunately…it didn’t work out.

So, when we were at FetishCon 2023, not knowing she was going to be there, we noticed a muscular woman with HUGE, POWERFUL thighs standing next to one of the pool-side bars with her back towards us.

And once she finally turned around and began to walk towards us…we immediately knew who she was…Alexis Luna!

We did not hesitate to immediately approach her and after she finished her conversation with another gentleman…we were eager to finally introduce ourselves in person!

When I sarcastically asked her if she was familiar with all of the various scissor holds…she just smiled, pointed down to her SKULLCRUSHER thighs while flexing them and asked…”What do you think!?”.

Confidence is something Alexis Luna does NOT lack and with good reason!

Now with over 630 ScissorVixens models on our site (of which no other all-scissor site comes close to)…we can confidently say…Alexis Luna is definitely in our TOP 10 (perhaps even TOP 5) of all ScissorVixens for EXTREME POWER!

Once she decides to put you away…put you away she can!

And if you’re wise, you’ll tap out IMMEDIATELY when she pours it on…you simply have no other choice unless you are ready to count a few sheep while taking a nap!

Our victim in this video is no stranger to being scissored by many, many other ScissorVixens over the years but in this video…he makes sounds of pure agony that I’ve never heard him make before!

And of course…he had to do something to deserve such punishment, like take Alexis Luna’s bed while they are both on a business trip!

She gives him 3 seconds to get off of her bed and take the other one before threatening to SCISSOR the fuck out of him!

Thankfully for our entertainment…he refuses!

What follows is a SCISSOR BEATING the likes of which he will never forget as she absolutely CRUSHES him into one blood-curdling scream after the other!

At one point…his eyes roll into the back of his head as she lifts his eye-lids and tells him…”You’re gonna have  a headache in the morning!”.

If he’s lucky…that’s all he’ll have!

Then Alexis Luna decides to get really comfortable while taking her top off and continues to TOTALLY DESTROY him while topless!

She has even more fun at one point playing what she calls the ‘Python Game’, pulling his head up into one of the tightest eye-bulging front head scissors you’ll ever see and at first, pulsates her squeeze while toying with her prey!

He taps out a few times but blurts out a smartass comment to her in which she lets him know that there are levels to her Python Game and now…he’s gonna feel the advanced version!

In the end, she has his seemingly lifeless body hanging off of the edge of the bed and asks him…”Had enough!?”.

At this point she could easily end his life but since they have a meeting in the morning…she decides to pick him up like a rag doll and tosses him on the other bed before finally giving him a warning not to fuck with her again!

With co-workers like POWERFUL Alexis Luna…who needs a boss!?

Don’t miss AMAZING Alexis Luna in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘Wrong Bed, Right Scissors!’.

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