Introducing Nikki Delano

Physical Statistics




120 lbs.





About Nikki Delano

When you combine the natural leg power of an exotic dancer and former gymnast with one who calls herself an “absolute gym junkie” you get a pair of thighs that can CRUSH your skull! 

Nikki Delano is quite popular on Twitter (with over 60,000 followers and counting as of 10/10/2012!) and when you watch her on we’re sure she’ll be adding a few more Twitter followers as well!

When Nikki walked into her first shoot with us and I got to see her legs and perfect muscle-butt up close and in person I knew this girl had some serious potential!  But like most new models we work with…we can never tell how they will actually perform in front of the camera until it starts rolling.

When we started taking pictures with Nikki…I could tell she was holding back quite a bit and not squeezing like I knew she could. 

She was even having some difficulty locking on a few figure-4’s because her legs are so short yet so BIG and muscular.  So after we were done with the pictures and Nikki went into the bathroom to fix her makeup my partner looked at me and said…”Drew…I think this one is going to be a cake-walk.  I mean…her legs are solid as rock when you touch them but she doesn’t have any power behind them.”.

Well…I’m not sure if Nikki heard his comment or not while she was in the bathroom but once the video camera started rolling…HOLY SHIT!  Nikki went from this somewhat quiet, polite girl to a  vicious man-killer ready to rip his head off!  My partner seemed to have a concern look on his face as she was screaming at him but I could tell he still figured this was going to be easy…until of course she finally got her legs around his head and decided to SQUEEEEEZE for REAL! 

He immediately glanced up at me with this “What the hell!?” look in his eyes as he was getting a PAINFUL taste of what Nikki Delano’s thighs were REALLY capable of! And amazingly enough those figure-4’s she was having trouble locking in because of the size of her legs suddenly became much easier for her to master!  It wasn’t long before Nikki forced the first of MANY frantic tap-outs from her first victim as her thighs were proving to be every bit as powerful as they looked! 

So…if you think you can handle gorgeous Nikki Delano’s POWERHOUSE thighs wrapped around your neck then contact her below and tell her Drew from sent ya!