Introducing Mistress Trish

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Mistress Trish

We’ve had our eye on Mistress Trish for quite a few years now. 

And we’ve had plenty of members contact us suggesting that we work with this well-known and very popular NYC domme. 

One look at her INCREDIBLE thighs and you know Mistress Trish is built to SCISSOR! 

They are long, lean and insanely muscular which becomes visually apparent once she locks them up around her victim’s neck and begins to SQUEEEEEEZE!

So after several attempts of trying to entice Mistress Trish to shoot for us she finally agreed after one of her many session clients (thank you whoever you are!) suggested she shoot for 

Needless to say we were quite excited for this opportunity to showcase one of the best pair of legs you’ll find anywhere in real scissor action FIRST on!