Introducing Pepper Kester

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Pepper Kester

As has always been the case from day one we here at believe women of all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. have the ability REALLY crank on the scissor pressure! 

And our latest 5’9″ tall ScissorVixen demonstrates what a pair of long, thin but very strong thighs can do when tightly wrapped around your neck! 

When Pepper told us she doesn’t own a car and her primary means of transportation are her thighs we knew there was plenty of power in those long but thin legs!

Pepper Kester considers herself a very ‘sexual’ being by nature and that’s the persona she has always projected through her appearances on several cable reality TV shows (Showtime, Playboy TV, etc.) as well as being featured in several men’s magazines (Penthouse). 

Now watch as Pepper gets to explore her dominant side using her most potent physical weapons….her THIGHS!

We did several leg posing clips with Pepper (for a leg fetish site we will be launching in the near future) and I was amazed at just how flexible and wide she could spread her legs! 

I mean…when her legs are fully spread it looks like she could easily wrap them around 10 or more fully grown men with plenty of room left to lock her ankles and throw away the key! 

So it goes without saying her victims have ZERO chance of escaping her insanely long legs once she coils them around their neck or body!

Pepper Kester's Videos

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