Introducing Julie Simone

Physical Statistics




135 lbs.





About Julie Simone

Julie Simone is one of those rare treats, a true scissoring and smothering find! 

This 5-10 redhead is one of the sexiest vixens we’ve had the pleasure of working with to date, possessed of insanely long legs and boasting 25-inch thighs and 14.5-inch calves!

She’s a bondage girl by trade in LA and was recently voted as the “best rigger” in the business, meaning she’s a total pro at tying people up. 

Well, she tied us up plenty in her legs and smothered us senseless with her incredible ass!   

Julie has a true pair of man-eating thighs and ass that we know you’re just gonna’ love and want to see again and again and again…

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Julie Simone's Videos

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