Introducing Harley T

Physical Statistics




115 lbs.





About Harley T

GORGEOUS Vegas born-and-raised Harley T makes her ScissorVixen debut and WOW…does she ever CRUSH IT!

Harley T is a Las Vegas dancer, acrobat and aerialist with some of the STRONGEST pound-for-pound CRUSHERS you’ll ever find!

Once Harley slipped into her ridiculously skimpy booty shorts and matching athletic top for her debut ScissorVixen video…it was clear there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her long, lean body as evidenced by her perfectly flat, tone stomach and lean thighs with the perfect amount of ‘booty’ in her booty!

Before we started rolling I could not resist anymore and asked Harley to show me what she’s got. 


I couldn’t believe such a petite, innocent looking girl could bring so much PRESSURE and PAIN from her thighs!

Don’t get me wrong…as a dancer, acrobat and aerialist…I did expect Harley T to have good squeeze but nothing like this!

Harley T's Videos

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