Introducing Dez Desire

Physical Statistics




160 lbs.





About Dez Desire

It’s hard to believe that for over 2 years that ScissorVixens has been living in Vegas, somehow we never had the opportunity to shoot with this amazingly sexy and very dominant session girl named Dez Desire! 

That’s because we didn’t know she lived in Vegas until she told us during our shoot. 

 We think you are going to go crazy for Dez Desire in her debut video titled ‘The SCISSOR Hit!’ because as you watch her move from one scissor hold, grapevine and choke hold to another…it’s obvious that she’s no stranger to locking people up with her ‘SKULL CRUSHERS’! 

In fact…Dez Desire has professional MMA training and wow does is show! Think you have what it takes to take on Dez Desire’s LETHAL LEGS?

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Dez Desire's Video

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