Introducing Gia

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Gia

It seems like I was naturally born for physical contact sports. I can remember back to being a little
girl, wanting to arm-wrestle with my mom’s guy friends at parties and barbecues. They always laughed and
called me a little tigress.

The young me was athletic, but not in the conventional sense. My mom called me a tomboy and thought I’d grow out of the phase of skateboarding, climbing trees, roughhousing with dogs, playing soccer in the mud.

The only time I wore a dress was for school pictures, and I fought about that!

These days, I have changed my physical appearance to appear more feminine and girlie.

This is comparable to the saying I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing, though.  I’ll be forever underestimated for having a great
bikini body, until a challenge is issued!

My personality is described as water; most of the time is calm and hard to upset, but when upset, there
are man-eating waves.

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