Introducing Kristie Etzold

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150 lbs.





About Kristie Etzold

The Beach Boys had it right: We wish they all could be California girls, especially if they were all like Kristie! This Southern California beauty is built for scissors, from her thick, muscular thighs to her rock-hard calves, she brings a new domination dimension to the fine art of controlling a victim in her legs!

Kristie is famous for her reverse figure-four smothering scissors, ramming your face into that all-encompassing ass, slamming her thighs around your ears and then folding up one powerful lower leg to grab that foot and PULL, your face totally lost in her gluteus magnificus while your head is crushed blue! And she has this sexy attitude as she scissors, this laughing, maniacal air that exudes total confidence in her leg work as she has you begging for mercy!

Yeah, we wish they all could be California girls like Kristie, California SCISSORING girls!!!

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