Introducing Bella

Physical Statistics




120 lbs.





About Bella

Bella is a Philly delight, at around 5’4″, she has one of the most solid, sexiest and scissorific pair of legs we’ve had the privilege of being CRUSHED in!

She’s a fine animated actress as well, bringing the action to life with her mind and delicious legs! 

Bella spends plenty of time in the gym and loves hitting the heavy squats and it’s quite obvious when you take a look at this knock-out ScissorVixen’s legs!

This was not the first time Bella had scissored someone and it was obvious as she knew how to trap our heads, and any other body part of ours, high and oh so painfully tight between her incredibly gorgeous, muscular thighs! 

She even initiated some head-slamming thigh bombs, lifting one leg high and ramming it down against our heads! Bella means ‘beautiful’ in Italian and our ScissorVixen Bella is all that and much more!