Introducing VeVe Lane

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About VeVe Lane

VeVe Lane is one of those girls who at first glance you may be inclined to dismiss as someone who can pack a powerful squeeze but you’d quickly find out just how wrong you are once this petite but very muscular 5’4″ wrestler takes you to the mat! 

VeVe eats, sleeps and breaths wrestling 24/7/365 whether fulfilling a session customer’s fantasy to be dominated by a pretty woman, wrestling other opponents in real competitive competition, coordinating and volunteering at various mixed martial arts and grappling events or grabbing a seat at the local bar to catch some exciting UFC action! 

It’s clear VeVe Lane has found her calling and if you’re brave enough to take on this little powerhouse…she’d be more than happy to show you just how good she is!

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