Introducing Tiffani Love

Physical Statistics




145 lbs.





About Tiffani Love

We at believe women of all shapes, sizes and colors can be stunningly beautiful and ebony fitness beauty, Tiffani Love, is a perfect example of that! 

She is the TOTAL package with mesmerizing green eyes, fashion model looks and oh yeah…a body that can KILL! 

When I asked Tiffani if she’s ever competed in a fitness contest she said no and when I asked her how often she trains in the gym I was even more shocked when she said not very often if at all!

Ok…I’ve heard of ‘good’ genetics but if Tiffani spends very little time in the gym then her ‘good’ genetics are from a different galaxy because she’s got a body that is only a few weeks away from stepping on any fitness or figure competition stage!

Now aside from her gorgeous face and killer body (featuring skull-crushing thighs) Tiffani also has the perfect attitude to complete the total package. 

When I was showing her a short sample from one our instructional scissor video clips she was smiling from ear to ear.  It was obvious Tiffani was going to have way too much fun putting the squeeeeeze on me in her debut video. 

And that she did! 

She applied one CRUSHING scissor hold after CRUSHING scissor hold, including a figure-4 in the beginning that nearly knocked me out! 

I couldn’t believe how quickly she picked up on the scissoring technique including lightening quick transitions between her reverse head scissors to a reverse figure-4 that had my head literally spinning!

After Tiffani’s debut shoot she seemed to have even more energy than when the shoot began. 

She was doing handstands, side splits and even flips in her high-heels!  She said that was the most fun during a shoot that she’s had in a long time.

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