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125 lbs.





About Kymberly Jane

When I first met gorgeous Kymberly Jane she was quick to apologize about several bruises on her thighs.  When she pointed them out I noticed they were only on her thighs and nowhere else and asked her how they got there. 

So with a smirk on her face she said…”Those bruises were caused by my opponents desperately trying to escape my scissor holds. 

Instead of tapping out they tried to pry my legs apart with their hands and fingers and couldn’t so I ended up with all these bruises from their failed attempts!”. 

Well…little did I realize that Kymberly Jane wasn’t just another pretty face but this beauty LOVES to kick ass and regularly participates in competitive wrestling (primarily against other girls but recently started to mix it up with the boys as well) as well as trains in jiu-jitsu! 

And her comment to me, right before the cameras started rolling, pretty much told me I might be in trouble.  With a cocky smirk on her sultry face she said…”I’m gonna squeeze you so hard until I see red blood vessels burst in your eyes!”. 

Now we get some pretty aggressive women here on but in all honesty…I wasn’t expecting that to come out of her mouth!  She told me it wouldn’t be the first time she’s done that to someone!

So…obviously you are all wondering whether or not Kymberly Jane is able to back up her threats.  Well…let me tell you…I was absolutely shocked by the power in this girl’s thighs and even her bodyscissors were brutal! 

And although she didn’t burst any blood vessels in my eyes (which has never happened to me yet)…I did wake up the next morning with little red dots (small broken blood vessels) on my forehead and underneath my puffy eyes from the intense scissor-beating Kymberly Jane administered!

So check out Kymberly Jane CRUSH her victims senseless here on!

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