Introducing Ms. Diesel

Physical Statistics




135 lbs.





About Ms. Diesel

Ms. Diesel was recommended to us by her friend, Kelly ‘The Krusher’, and after speaking with Ms. Diesel on the phone…I knew she not only had the KILLER legs for the job but also the right attitude! 

She told us this wasn’t her first time doing this kind of work and said…”No…I actually find scissoring guys into submission to be a lot of fun!”. 

And with her legs (huge powerful quads and bulging calves)…she does it with absolute ease!

Ms. Diesel is not only an avid bicyclist but also trains and instructs women in a new fitness craze known as CrossFit competitions in which they compete in various forms of athletic challenges. 

Folks…when you feel Ms. Diesel’s legs as they are tightly wrapped around your jaw or neck…they literally feel like steel beams! 

And when those steel beams start to compress it’s time to scream and beg for mercy…you simply have no other choice!

And don’t be fooled by her contact e-mail address with the word “little” in it! 

When she told me what her e-mail address was I responded…”Uhhh…there really isn’t anything ‘little’ about your scissors!” to which she replied…”Ha ha…that name is just to trick them!”. 

Well…once you take a look at her thighs in person…I don’t think you or anyone else will be fooled!

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