Introducing Sophia Fiore

Physical Statistics




165 lbs.





About Sophia Fiore

Once again we at love finding INCREDIBLE new talent for our members and Sophia Fiore is one impressive physical specimen!

When we picked her up at the airport all we had to do is look above all the other heads standing around the baggage carousel to find her. And when I approached her from behind and reached up to tap her on her shoulder I could see that this is one BIG, POWERFUL girl!

And not only is her body ‘off the charts’ but she is adorably cute with model quality looks!

Sophia also wrestles for a well-known girl vs. girl competitive site where she seems to be mowing through the competition with ease.

When I asked her if she’s received any formal grappling training for her competitive female matches she told me she hasn’t but added that she’s able to beat most of her opponents by overpowering them with her size and strength.

And when asked what part of her amazing physique is her favorite she replied her legs and ass…a trademark of almost every Brazilian ScissorVixen we’ve worked with so far.

Now watch Sophia use that AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS physique to totally dominate and CRUSH her victims here on!