SVDL-0087 ‘The Squeeze Machine!’ featuring Sydney Morgan

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The gym manager refuses to fix my favorite inner-thigh machine so I’ll work my inner-thighs using his head instead!

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Sydney Morgan shows up at her gym, angry that one of the leg machines – the one she sits in and squeezes to strengthen her smooth, creamy inner thighs – is still broken, taking the gym owner to task.

When she hears the machine will be out of commission for two more weeks, she drops her gym bag and declares that she’ll work her legs on his HEAD instead!

She unleashes a torrid barrage of neck-wrenching scissors in her meaty thighs, nearly ripping his head off in jolting figure fours and taking his windpipe to the breaking point with vicious pelvic thrusts to the throat!

She is determined to make him fix the machine or die trying – in her thighs!

She whips him all over the mats as she gets the leg workout she needs by scissoring the absolute shit out of the moaning man! Sydney is a powerhouse unleashed and her scissors are intense and lethal as she convinces him to fix the machine today!

Next time you see a gorgeous gal like this on the squeeze machine at your gym, think of what those squeezing thighs can do to you!

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