SVDL-0008 ‘Tax Time Squeeze!’ featuring Paige

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When you fall behind on your taxes, they send me to make sure you pay one way or the other!

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Ever feel the crunch of taxes? Does the pressure of paying up to Uncle Sam feel like there’s a pair of steel bands wrapped around your temples, crushing your skull?

Know what it’s like to feel the squeeze from the government as they wring your money from you?

Then you’ll love ‘Tax Time Squeeze’, with our leggy vixen Paige, as she portrays a hard-line tax agent from the feds sent to squeeze the money – literally – from tax scofflaw Jake.

Dressed in a very sexy businesswoman outfit, she takes Jake apart start to finish with punishing headscissors, choking neckscissors, grinding bodyscissors and devastating reverse headscissors, using her long, sinewy and exceptionally powerful legs!

Paige has got lean, lethal thighs that cut into you like a knife and she holds nothing back in this scissor-filled epic!

Don’t feel like paying your taxes?

Maybe Paige will show up at your door to put the Tax Time Squeeze on YOU!

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