SVDL-0079 ‘Tattoo This!’ featuring Kathy

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He didn’t like my new tattoo.  Ok, lets see how he likes me tattooing his neck between my THIGHS!

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Kathy is a woman who loves her tattoos, the more the merrier.

John is a man who does not and clearly shows his displeasure when Kathy comes home with yet another piece of art tattooed on her rather muscular body.

But Kathy is not to be mucked about with; what she does with her body is her business, and what she then does to John with her legs is as brutal a bit of scissoring business as you’ll ever see!

The muscular English lass with the innocent look and killer legs tears him apart, bending and stretching him this way and that and constantly strapping her long, sinewy legs to his head, neck and body, making him howl in pain.

Kathy’s a non-stop scissoring machine, and uses every inch of her lethal legs to make him suffer.

Employing a move dubbed “The Gates of Hell,” she folds his neck between her crossed calves from above and leans her legs and ass down towards him as he lays on his back on the floor, putting extreme pressure on the sides of his neck and just about ripping his head off!

Kathy’s bodyscissors are brutal and breath-robbers of the thighest order!

When she’s done with him, she knocks his ass out in a crusher of a scissor and it’s off to the tattoo parlor for another piece of art!

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