SVDL-0074 ‘Taking The Law Into Her Own Legs!’ featuring Scarlet

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He doubted my story about taking the law into my own hands.  So now, I’ll show him how I did it by taking his head between my THIGHS!

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Mr. Brown from the Sun, a nosey reporter from a trashy tabloid, is hot on the trail of a story, the story of how Scarlet made a citizen’s arrest of a hardened criminal.

He’s knocking on Scarlet’s door to get the juicy details of how she used her muscular body to subdue the bad-ass, but she doesn’t want to tell him: She wants to SHOW him instead!

And does she ever, unloading a barrage of brutal scissor holds with her massive 23.5 inch thighs and wicked 16 inch calves!

When Scarlet puts on a headscissors, it’s a TOTAL head-scissors, her thighs rippling thick and hard to totally envelop that which they are scissoring!

She whips him all over the floor, crushing his skull and ribs, nearly cracking his windpipe and just about tearing his head off!

He gets the story he wants, just not the way he wanted it!

Long live the power of Scarlet’s scissoring press!

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