SVDL-0056 ‘Weird Scissors!’ featuring Gia

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He wanted his fantasy girl to come to life. Well, here I am…can you handle my SCISSORS!?

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 480×360) | File Size: 169MB

Video Description

We all remember that 1980’s cult classic, Weird Science, about a young, geeky kid sitting in front of his computer monitor while fantasizing what it would be like to have the beautiful woman, displayed on his screen, come to life.

Well, in “Weird Scissors”…Gia plays that gorgeous woman who jumps from the computer screen into reality, standing in front of a man who was just moments before, salivating over pictures of her applying sexy but brutal scissor holds on some lucky guy.

He’s both stunned and excited as she slowly approaches him, wearing a skimpy black thong and matching top lingerie outfit, asking her where she came from and how did she get from his computer screen to real life.

He asks her what name he should call her and she tells him he can call her whatever he wants…so, he chooses a name that he likes, Gia. She then replies, “Well then, my name is Gia and I squeeze to please”.

He then asks her if she is going to scissor him like she did with the guy on his computer screen.

She responds with a smile and grabs him by the hair, pulling him onto the mats where she positions him for the first of many torturous scissor holds.

Gia methodically moves from head scissors to body scissors and everything in between (between her powerful thighs that is) as the poor guy soon realizes that his computer generated fantasy is quickly turning into a real life nightmare!

Scream after scream, he begs her to stop the torture but she insists that he must first say the magic word.

He frantically attempts to find the right word or phrase that will bring the agony to an end while Gia punishes him for every failed attempt with another painful squeeze.

Then, as magically as Gia appeared before him, the word pops into his head and out of his trembling mouth.

Gia tells him that he has finally guessed the magic word and proclaims, “Your fantasy is now complete”.

Well, his fantasy turned nightmare is not quite complete as Gia applies a murderous reverse head scissors that slowly removes him from consciousness.

So, the next time you find yourself sitting in front of your computer screen, looking at sexy pictures of some gorgeous gal putting the squeeze on a man….you better be careful what you ask for because Gia, the cyber ScissorVixen, just may enter your world of reality and become your worst scissored nightmare!

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