SVDL-0055 ‘Pizza Delivery Blunder!’ featuring Rebecca

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He wanted his delivered sooner so I delivered my scissors around his puny neck!

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Jake is hungry and getting antsy about his pizza delivery.

So when the pizza shows up, brought by a hot little delivery girl, he gets all righteous about the time it took her saying since she was late, it’s free.

Not so, according to Rebecca, a girl with a little body and a big attitude, as she barges inside to collect her due, using her slender but muscular legs to eat him alive!

She locks up and squeezes hard, those little thighs bulging and calves rippling in scissor after scissor as she tears him apart to get her money!

Rebecca is relentless, not taking no for an answer, switching fluidly from scissor to scissor, those little legs causing Jake HUGE pain!

Her bodyscissors take his breath away and reverse headscissors nearly separates his head from his shoulders!

She gets her money – and then some, taking his last $20 bill for a $10 pizza!

If Rebecca is late with your pizza, shut up and smile or this little Vixen will scissor your head flatter than a thin crust!

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