SVDL-0044 ‘Couch Potato Gets Mashed!’ featuring Candi

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He likes to lay around like a lazy couch potato so now it’s time for this potato to get mashed!

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Jake is a lazy slob, lounging around doing nothing while girlfriend Candi is out working.

She comes home, changes into a slinky nighty and tries to get cozy with Jake, admonishing him to come to bed.

The layabout says he doesn’t want to, and will after watching some more sports on TV. Wrong!

Candi is all over him like white on rice, her lanky, lean and very long legs devouring him in scissors after scissors, working him over first on the couch, then the floor and finally in bed where she wanted him all along, using her incredibly sexy legs to drag him there!

He wanted sports, he got sports: The sport of Candi’s crushing scissors!

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