SVDL-0041 ‘Ballerina Crush!’ featuring Amber

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He didn’t like me interrupting his stupid sports on TV by practicing my ballet moves so, time for me to ballet dance all over his sorry ass neck!

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In “Ballerina Crush,” Amber is a little sprite of a girl with some mighty legs, practicing her dancing routine in front of her husband, and his beloved sports on TV!

Irked that he bitches about her blocking his view, the muscular-legged dancer pounces on him, whipping him to the floor and proceeding to crush the living daylights out of him with her amazing, beautiful legs!

Amber is a professional dominatrix, and her training comes to the fore as she combines blinding scissor power with the theatrical grace of an actress, totally devastating him with her short but insanely strong legs!

Though only 5 feet tall and a very tight 112 pounds, Amber’s legs are amazing, boasting 22-inch thighs but calves of nearly 14 inches, cut, chiseled and every inch the dancer’s legs!

She delights in nearly putting him out in scissor after scissor and then prancing around him, showing him those delicious, rock-hard calves as she flexes them in his face!

Though into wrestling for awhile, this is Amber’s first-ever video, and believe us, it will NOT be her last!

Never mess with a ballet dancer’s legs, because you WILL get crushed! If you’re lucky!

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