SVDL-0190 ‘Counting Scissors!’ featuring Roxie Rain

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He thought he got away with counting cards on the casino floor.  Now it’s my job to pay him a visit and have him counting SCISSORS before getting the money back!

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Just when Mr. Callahan thinks he got away with taking the casino for another ‘ride’ thanks to his clever card counting scheme, he gets an unexpected knock on his hotel room door.

There standing before him, at 5’5″ and 155 pounds of sexy, hard muscle is Roxie, a member of the hotel casino security crew.

Roxie tells Mr. Callahan that the game’s up because she’s been watching him on the casino security cameras and she’s there to recover the money he cheated the casino out of.

Well, Mr. Callahan rhetorically asks Roxie “Do you know who I am?” to which she replies with a similar question and answer…”Do you know who I am?, I’m Roxie and you don’t want to mess with me!”.

Of course the arrogant, foolish man isn’t going to just hand over the money so Roxie decides it’s time to do it the hard way using her incredibly powerful, muscular thighs!

Scissors seldom look as impressive and amazingly sexy as they do when Roxie Rain wraps you up in her thighs.

Watch as she puts Mr. Callahan through a series of brutal head cracking scissors.

Reverse head scissors, front head scissors, arching scissors while sitting on the couch, body scissors, scissors of every flavor and every kind…they’re all here!

In the end Roxie gets what she wants and walks off with the money, leaving a beaten and exhausted Mr. Callahan mumbling to himself on the floor.

So, before you decide to use any fancy card game tricks like counting cards, you better hope Roxie isn’t watching or you’ll be counting scissors instead!

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