SVDL-0017 ‘Road Rage Scissors!’ featuring Lia Labowe

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This bastard cut me off in traffic and tried to get away.  Now it’s time for my powerful THIGHS to run him over!

Video Length : 31 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 176MB

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Lia LaBowe makes her video debut in “Road Rage Scissors,” and legs unleashed never looked more brutal.

After having been cut off on the road by some loser, she tracks him down, kicks in his door and launches a full-scale scissor attack on his sorry ass, using her long, very strong and incredibly sexy legs to work him over in some of the most savage scissors ever filmed.

At one point, she bends her legs up and snaps them out straight with full force, eliciting screams of genuine agony from her scissored victim that will have you wincing just from watching!

Lia is tall, willowy, beautiful and leggy beyond compare.

Relatively new on the wrestling domination scene, she comes equipped with the skills of a veteran and the legs to make her one of our favorite, and most brutal, ScissorVixens!

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